Celebrating love or loves absence.

Please join us for the Lovestruck Exhibition launch and stay for our Romeo and Juliet Fringe show!

Venue: Arts Centre, Port Noarlunga
Date: Saturday 15 February
Time: 4–6pm
Phone: 8326 5577 or email artsbookings@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au

Exhibition launch free

I as LKFOTO aka Lee Knowles have a piece on display in the exhibition, please go along and take a look at it and the other very cool artworks. Its a mixed media exhib so much variety.

So here is my main piece titled “Un-requited Love” and a few extras which are all part of a set for my specific project… Please enjoy


Flowers LKFOTO-3

Flowers LKFOTO-1

Flowers LKFOTO-8

Flowers LKFOTO-6

Flowers LKFOTO-9

Flowers LKFOTO-7

Flowers LKFOTO-13

Flowers LKFOTO-12

Flowers LKFOTO-10

Flowers LKFOTO-11

Flowers LKFOTO-5

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