Ahh, so Womadelaide is just around the corner… In fact that corner is only as long as one night! It all starts tomorrow Friday 6th March, a multitude of vibrant acts from around the globe all come to meet in little old Adelaide to dance, sing, play and create with us. Once again I dust off the gig photography head and delve into getting some creative pictures, thanks to http://www.southaustralianstyle.com who I’ll be making some pictures for.

Who am I looking forward to seeing, hearing and shooting?? Oh my, so many, Womad always surprises me with amazing things, but to name a handful… Sinead O’Conner, Timberwolf, Neneh Cherry, Architects of air, CW Stoneking, Flavia Coelho and Marrugeku Theatre company… But aw man, I pull go on and on!

Of course I’m looking forward to some super tasty food too, but mostly I’ll be enjoying the you guys… The people, atmosphere and feeling that comes with Womad, so you know I’m going to be walking around snapping up son of you beautiful people for sure!

Well here’s to Womad, I’ll no doubt be posting over the weekend so keep in touch!