Name: Lee Knowles
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Nationality: British
Sports: Surfing/Snowboarding
Music: Blues, Prog Rock
Vehicle of choice: 1976 VW Kombi
Hobbies: Photography
Fave place: Where earth meets water (the beach)
Fave camera: 1978 Nikon FM (film)
Fave Movie: Blowup
Fave Photographers: Joel Meyerowitz, Richard Avedon, Saul Leiter, Annie Leibovitz
Reason for living: Love, Laugh, Learn and Experience
Why passionate for photography: I love people watching, the interaction between them and everything that is going on around them. We are beautiful creatures with amazing stories and to record just one slice of a moment in time and preserve it for generations ahead to learn from. The camera gives me this opportunity.

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