So this weekend I was road tripping from Port Noarlunga to Port Lincoln and back. I had a handful of min shoots over there (which was awesome fun in itself). But while. Was driving over to my camp spot for the night, I looked out and saw an amazingly star filled sky, devoid of any light pollution, I could not resist to stop and make some photographs! So I pulled up in the nearest rest bay and made a couple of long exposure shots. When I say long exposure, I only went to 30 seconds, as I didn’t want to get an star movement for these pictures (I feel this is for another time). So I had t boost the ISO and with a fairly large aperture I got some great exposures. The moon was crescent and giving of a little light also. The last thing that was needed was just a kiss of artificial light during the exposure to bring out the Kombi a little more. Just a couple of seconds light painting with my iPhone was enough.

I was pleased with the finished image. No photoshop has been used on the picture as I was on the road at the time and simply transferred the pictures straight to my iPad and then out to the web from there.


While I’m sharing, check out this shot made on the same night, I couldn’t of planned it, but during the exposure a planet sized truck came screaming along the road passed me… Looks very ufo like I feel!

Get out there at night and make some photographs