I always love how words and pictures can flow seamlessly together to create feelings and take us to new places…  They say a picture speaks a thousand words, maybe a thousand words is too many, surely a few powerful words can give a much stronger story.  The less we have the more our imagination takes over, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad, but it always shows how powerful our minds can be.


I felt a tug, and then a pull
And like the spider’s good night’s work in the morning wind
The cotton thread on which I hang, is reeled back in.

What I thought was infinite,
Is finite. No more party streamers
Or ensigns on Ocean liners.

I know I am lucky
To have got this far without snag or break.
Yet I can’t help, I can’t help but wonder….

This cotton reel. My life.
If only I could make it run and run,
I have so much more to weave til i am done.

A poem by Simon Denegri

bukie cotton reel-3 bukie cotton reel-2 bukie cotton reel-5 bukie cotton reel-8 bukie cotton reel-6

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