While out walking with a camera one night in Bowden, Adelaide a couple of weeks back, we discovered an old Ford (and we know I can appreciate old cars as driving a 1976 VW Kombi, you learn to love what it takes)

We spent some time with long exposures and light painting to give the scene the ambience it deserved. In the end I favoured the ‘wait until a car comes down the street and lights the scene with its headlights’ method. I loved how the street light lit the Ford from above, giving a beauty light. We had just had some rain, so everything had a nice sheen too.

For my second image, I pulled out a wider lens, my 24mm tilt shift (architectural photography lens). I wanted to play with a toy miniature effect, which you can create with this lens if controlled differently. Happy with these!

I don’t often shoot cars, but if given the right car and brief, I embrace the opportunity… If you have a beautiful piece of automobile history and are looking for a feature art piece for you home or business, send me a message, I’d love to hear your brief!



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