So as some of you may know, I have recently enrolled into Adelaides CCP (Creative Centre for Photography) to to work towards some professional development, creative inspiration and to solidify the dedication to my passion with some ticks in boxes and a cert.  Along the way so far Ive met some amazing new people, which is another reason for going into studies.  With assessment last night, Ive just passed my first module in creative portfolio building.  Now time for some reflection and breathe time before I start my next module.  The next module I take will be darkroom specialisation and Im thoroughly looking forward to developing my skills here and going out to shoot more film!
Ive taken the time this morning to look through a recent shoot, (which Ive not had time to see properly until now) and have discovered some lovely new images towards ‘LUCID’.  As with all images from Lucid, each image is from one single exposure, no photoshop.  I love the results.   So I thought I’d share.

I feel Im going to print this large as there is so much happening in the shot that needs to be seen.  Continuing with the unearthly and spiritual notion of this series I think this image goes to a new level.  The complexity of what happens in between frames is coming together and giving us a motion picture story within a single image.  I hope you enjoy it for a few seconds (or minutes)


Lee Knowles Photographer project lucid girl black background low key adelaide spritual organic long exposure
Rise up from Lucid dreaming. Lee Knowles Photographer, Adelaide

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