Where does your creativity come from?

Do we control our creativity or is it a mythical wormhole that opens up at random and feeds our mind with thoughts and ideas for us to work on?

As a professional creative, can we really afford to rely on the random sequence of events that we have built as a base for our creativity? Is it possible to force our minds into this space so we can draw on it at any time and if so how can we do this?

One question I would be inclined to ask is how often are we being creative, are we letting ourselves create bad or ok work along with the great work? Our pride and ego can often get in the way and the fear of creating something that is not our best can stop us creating anything at all! It’s a fact, every photograph we take, passage that we write, or picture that we paint, is not going to be groundbreaking. Like anything, creativity requires dedication, practice and hard work every day. As soon as we get out of the mindset that creativity comes only from a romantic vision and the Goldilocks headspace the sooner we will create groundbreaking work more often!

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