Creativity Unleashed!  An Adelaide Portrait Photographer striving to create a deeper connection to an often unseen side to people and their Portraits!


Behind the lens:  Lee Knowles, Portrait & Headshot Photographer

 Photographer.. Surfer.. Human, and 1976 VW Kombi driver!

Who am I?

I love creative imagery, work that makes me think outside the box or brings me closer to knowing the person who created it or the people within it.  Im a believer of the power that images have to communicate to a deeper level.  Im not afraid to push boundaries and walk less on the safer side of creativity and step over to where the magic happens!

We love in a world where its very difficult to create something new a fresh that has not been seen before, but if we take a few risks and go deeper, in Portraits photography we can definitely give those we photograph something they have not seen of themselves before!


Current work:

As founder of one of Adelaides top Headshot photography studios The Headshot Creative, I take pride in creating high end professional Headshots, Portraits and personal branding portfolios for industry professionals such as business and corporate professionals, Lawyers, entrepreneurs, models, actors, musicians and the performing arts.

My portraits are about getting closer and snapping real, engaging images that connect to the viewer!

I have developed my business offering a range of photographic services including, Portraiture, commercial and advertising photography, events and performance photography.


Rundle Mall Studio:

I’ve found a new home..  New walls to work within with the same millennia old light filling my images.

In search of a new space that would give me more freedom I found my current space in the heart of Adelaide CBD.  If you’re walking along Rundle Mall on the Gawler Place corner and look up you’ll see my space looking over the Mall.

Over the years, professional photographers have been in the search for the perfect space thats mirrors their work and flow, right now, I have found mine!

New work is being created, new ideas being fuelled!  A passion is being lived!


Central Studios Art Collective Studio:

I had the huge honour after spending 3 years as a member of the Central studios Art collective in both studio locations, Grotes street and Kent town,  Adelaide.  Here I photographed my diverse range of works from commercial advertising, to creative portraits and through to Art photography commissions.  Working along side 19 of Adelaide top Artists from a variety of mixed media , this atmosphere for me was a creative shower and my work was evolving into new and diverse directions.  My time with these guys was a time of creative growth and cherished memories!



Port Noarlunga studio:

I opened and managed my first professional photography studio in Port Noarlunga south in the heart of the southern suburbs on the Fleurie peninsula, where I did most of my studio work.  Aside from being my workspace,  it was also a fully operational hire studio which was available to other local Adelaide photographers to shoot their work.  With a love for sharing and passing on knowledge and bringing people together I organised regular and successful photography networking nights and workshops on studio photography.  The studio holds so many amazing memories to me and has built the foundations of my vision.


Some History!

A passion passed down:

One thing that makes me want to make photographs is my interest in people, watching and learning.  As a child I watched my Grandfather, who had a big passion for photography.  He would always have his camera at all times and capture found moments among friends and family, a master of vurnacular photography!  We would all sit around and watch in wonderment at the slide shows he would orchestrate, vibrant larger than life pictures projected in the darkness.  A memory I cherish.  I now find myself following footsteps and I’ll often sit in a cafe or take a walk in the park or on the beach somewhere in Adelaide for hours, watching people and their stories, It teaches you so much about who we are and I want to capture that.

Lee Knowles Adelaide photographer PORTRAIT headshot
Meet your photographer: Lee Knowles Photographer, a professional Portrait
My madness (method):

So as a fine art portrait and commercial  photographer, creativity and individuality is key, It helps me give a personal experience, all of our stories are different and our photographs should be too.  I shoot with an organic approach, working as close as possible with you, to connect to your story, pull out the small details and capture them, creating a set of pictures with a natural feel.  Dedication is priority and I treat every shoot individually and personally, without rushing.  I love bringing your ideas to life and making art, Im passionate about my work and it is an absolute honour to me!

While I use modern top of the range digital equipment for most of my work, I also love getting down to using some traditional 35mm & medium format film and creating hand made darkroom prints. You’ll probably see me cruising around Adelaide (or anywhere in South Australia to be honest) with either my 1978 Nikon FM or my Mamiya RB67 beast of a camera shooting a roll or two.

While I love bringing new ideas together with tried and tested methods. I am always looking to develop personal style within my work, progression is so important.  I believe the key ingredient to my photography method is built on the connection to my clients, building a relationship and letting this take the images to where they need to go, so this is why your shoot will be a new creation.




Sounds and images fill my life:  (Live Music Photography)

One of my personal favourite genres, which also played a key part in sparking my love for photography, is shooting live music and performance. Which I have done freelance and for several South Australian review magaziness, including Caught in the mosh and The Mouth Adelaide and South Australian Style magazine. Front of stage is an exciting place to be at the best of times but for a photographer with camera in hand, they are in their element. Photographing a spectrum of acts from Laura Marling, The John Butler Trio and the Cat Empire to Snoopdog and INXS through to breaking act such as Lanie Lane, Arrested Development and Sasquatch…   I always try to bring the flare and excitement from all of my shooting genres to your shoot.


creativity unleashed!

Portrait of a man with a beard and manbun on the beach near the ocean and blue sky
Adelaide photographer.  An environmental portrait, in my element.