A nice surfy landscape to break the flow up a little and let you breathe. Though a portrait photographer, Adelaide can offer some awesome scenic opportunities to keep creative juices flowing. This image made at the tail end off summer between Moana and Seaford. A surfer and SUP boarder chill between sets… I love it, […]

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Kristen Tommasini

Shot as part of LKFOTO’s Studio Photography Networking shoot “The Open Shutter Night” Kristen is an absolute pleasure to work with, with creative spirit in front of camera. The young Adelaide actress just explodes into character. Makeup was applied by Media Makeup student Katie Hunter of Misskah Makeup and was fantastic. I for sure cannot […]

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Abuk Dut

What a fantastic opportunity to shoot with someone I believe will be a rising star of the model world in Adelaide and south Australia. As far as Model Portfolio shoots go, this turned out awesome! Both Model Bukie and Make artist Melissa Squire could not of done abetter job. The images speak for them self. […]

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