Just a few seconds

Just a few of seconds of your time
I have a fascination with movement.. even if movement doesn’t always exist. As part of my experimentation with long exposure photography I have visited a few southern Adelaide beaches to play with 1-2 second exposures, to pull more of the story out of those few seconds. Although I can appreciate the popular technique of long exposure using a tripod and creating those creamy waters images, its not my thing and I wanted freedom, so all of my imagery is handheld, creating the movement within my own actions. What I found was a surreal, brush effect that promotes a dream like feel to the scenes, which I loved. Essentially these seascape and Jetty images are what inspired me toward my long exposure portraits…  Which ended up as my ‘Lucid project”
Often leaving details hidden will create more feeling of the moment than to show everything crystal clear.  Like a lucid dream, these landscapes and street photography styled beach life pictures I hope will give you a sense of freedom.

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