My most recent series project, delving into the somewhat spiritual side of my photography world.  Unearthly and alien like, this set brings out an evocative feel to my work, mysterious and thought provoking.  Have you ever wondered, what happens in between photographs?  With a standard photograph being made of only 1/125th of a second, how much emotion are we missing?   Some believe time is man made and doesn’t truly exist and that everything that has happened or is going to happen is now, if everything is happening at once, how do we photograph that…now?  With my long exposure portraits, Im always excited to find amazing emotional pieces that I connect with spiritually.  I just can feel the emotion more through these images.  The creation process also lends great opportunities for my subjects to let themselves feel their own emotions too.  There are no forced obligations to be a certain way or feel a certain thing, just to let go and be where ever they feel they want to be.  These seriously are my most loose form of image making and I love them absolutely.  This series I feel is ingrained into me, and will continue to be a place that I go often… into my Lucid Dream. 

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