Street, travels, bricks & mortar

For me street photography is about observing humans and society as a whole, it’s next level people watching, feeling the heart beat of the street and moving with it to capture the life and vibrancy. Street or social documentary photography is so important for us as society, without it we would have nothing to look back on in years to come.

People often worry about their privacy and having their picture taken out and about, yet we all take so many images of ourselves and friends every day and share with the world. These are great, but they are also posed and staged images that don’t necessarily show an authentic reality. Imagine in years to come all we have are representational pictures of how we wanted to be seen!

Street and social documentary will always give us a reality to look back on, a powerful tool for society!

Think about all of the pictures you love from eras gone by, iconic images from the industrial revolution, war time, post war peace and love and the rebellious 80s! Many of these pictures hang on walls world wide for us to remember and feel a part of.


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