WILT:  The beautiful decay

This project started off after noticing a wilting rose that we had in my home, I watched as the days went by how the beauty stayed with the rose as it changed form, even as it died.  I took the rose into my studio and called on a good friend and we made the first pictures.   One of the finished pieces was on exhibition at the Port Noarlunga Arts centre as part of their collaborative Fringe exhibition.  From there, the project continued to develop and more flowers died and more pictures were made.  Shells were also brought into the series to represent a previous life.

This series is an exploration and discovery of beauty in its many and forever changing forms.  Beauty is such a vast vista of emotions, being twisted and contorted within the opinions of humans just as diverse.  As we grow and change with age, our beauty only becomes stronger and deeper, continuing to draw us in.  The series celebrates our beauty by contrasting the decaying flowers with the young slender curves of the nude human form.  The comparisons to humans are the same, we never become less beautiful, we only age and the beauty moves with us.  The young nude form embracing the fragile ageing beauty.

The full body of work for this series was on show in the Wildwood Art Gallery, Rundle street, Adelaide as part of the Fringe festival 2016.  

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