The human form in nude abstract creates a mesmerising and hypnotic state of visual experience.  For me, photographing the human form is a ritualistic experience, something that should be respected and treasured.  This series is an escape and an exploration of the infinite possibilities of beauty that can be seen with the body as our clay!


Currently still in the creation process, ‘Humandala’ is looking to go on show in the summer of 2020.  With the exhibition vision to be a treat for the senses.


I am still looking for a few participant who would like to experience a Humandala shoot to be part of the series!  Please get in touch at and lets create!



The ocean creates

Sometimes you can go out days on end walking with a camera waiting for the right moments to come, you just have to be ready for when it does.
Nature will hand us amazing gifts when we are willing to receive, keep looking. With this series, everything came together, the light was stunning, the ocean turned on and I was present at one of South Australias most beautiful beaches on the Fleurie coastline.

Prints are available for purchase, for sizes and order details please get in touch at



My most recent series project, delving into the somewhat spiritual side of my photography world.  Unearthly and alien like, this set brings out an evocative feel to my work, mysterious and thought provoking.  Have you ever wondered, what happens in between photographs?  With a standard photograph being made of only 1/125th of a second, how much emotion are we missing?   Some believe time is man made and doesn’t truly exist and that everything that has happened or is going to happen is now, if everything is happening at once, how do we photograph that…now?  With my long exposure portraits, Im always excited to find amazing emotional pieces that I connect with spiritually.  I just can feel the emotion more through these images.  The creation process also lends great opportunities for my subjects to let themselves feel their own emotions too.  There are no forced obligations to be a certain way or feel a certain thing, just to let go and be where ever they feel they want to be.  These seriously are my most loose form of image making and I love them absolutely.  This series I feel is ingrained into me, and will continue to be a place that I go often… into my Lucid Dream. 


WILT:  The beautiful decay

This project started off after noticing a wilting rose that we had in my home, I watched as the days went by how the beauty stayed with the rose as it changed form, even as it died.  I took the rose into my studio and called on a good friend and we made the first pictures.   One of the finished pieces was on exhibition at the Port Noarlunga Arts centre as part of their collaborative Fringe exhibition.  From there, the project continued to develop and more flowers died and more pictures were made.  Shells were also brought into the series to represent a previous life.

This series is an exploration and discovery of beauty in its many and forever changing forms.  Beauty is such a vast vista of emotions, being twisted and contorted within the opinions of humans just as diverse.  As we grow and change with age, our beauty only becomes stronger and deeper, continuing to draw us in.  The series celebrates our beauty by contrasting the decaying flowers with the young slender curves of the nude human form.  The comparisons to humans are the same, we never become less beautiful, we only age and the beauty moves with us.  The young nude form embracing the fragile ageing beauty.

The full body of work for this series was on show in the Wildwood Art Gallery, Rundle street, Adelaide as part of the Fringe festival 2016.  


From our roots we grow strong

A series of black & white images of native and international trees in the Adelaide botanic park & gardens,  Taken from project while studying at the centre for creative photography.

Beach life

Landscape photography for me is about getting out into the amazing places we have in this world and opening my eyes.  I find most of my landscape style photography is made out on road trips and is not planned, seeing things as they come, or as we come to them.  I always try to make my work a little different or approach it from a new angle, maybe pointing out to something that we haven’t noticed before.  I’ll often wait for people to move into my scenes, because maybe without us, the thinking mind, where would the wonder come from? 


Just a few seconds

Just a few of seconds of your time
I have a fascination with movement.. even if movement doesn’t always exist. As part of my experimentation with long exposure photography I have visited a few southern Adelaide beaches to play with 1-2 second exposures, to pull more of the story out of those few seconds. Although I can appreciate the popular technique of long exposure using a tripod and creating those creamy waters images, its not my thing and I wanted freedom, so all of my imagery is handheld, creating the movement within my own actions. What I found was a surreal, brush effect that promotes a dream like feel to the scenes, which I loved. Essentially these seascape and Jetty images are what inspired me toward my long exposure portraits…  Which ended up as my ‘Lucid project”
Often leaving details hidden will create more feeling of the moment than to show everything crystal clear.  Like a lucid dream, these landscapes and street photography styled beach life pictures I hope will give you a sense of freedom.

Street, travels, bricks & mortar

For me street photography is about observing humans and society as a whole, it’s next level people watching, feeling the heart beat of the street and moving with it to capture the life and vibrancy. Street or social documentary photography is so important for us as society, without it we would have nothing to look back on in years to come.

People often worry about their privacy and having their picture taken out and about, yet we all take so many images of ourselves and friends every day and share with the world. These are great, but they are also posed and staged images that don’t necessarily show an authentic reality. Imagine in years to come all we have are representational pictures of how we wanted to be seen!

Street and social documentary will always give us a reality to look back on, a powerful tool for society!

Think about all of the pictures you love from eras gone by, iconic images from the industrial revolution, war time, post war peace and love and the rebellious 80s! Many of these pictures hang on walls world wide for us to remember and feel a part of.




In contradiction to my Lucid project, but still with my obsession of movement, the Windswept series evokes a feeling of stillness, even though the motions are quite the opposite…    This time I choose to take a very different photographic approach, in place of shooting the movement through long exposures, with this series I was aiming to freeze the motion and create a state of statue.  Creating these images could only be done with my subjects letting go of everything, being somewhere else away from the camera and studio.  When someone is in this state, they have left behind thoughts … they’re in new state of mind, drifting within the moment.

A selection of these images appeared in my exhibition ‘HUMAN’ which was for the 2014 Shimmer Benial photography festival, sponsored by the Onkaparinga arts centre.  My work was on show in the MollyDooker winery in McLaren Vale.