The ocean creates Sometimes you can go out days on end walking with a camera waiting for the right moments to come, you just have to be ready for when it does. Nature will hand us amazing gifts when we are willing to receive, keep looking. With this series, everything came together, the light was […]

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LUCID My most recent series project, delving into the somewhat spiritual side of my photography world.  Unearthly and alien like, this set brings out an evocative feel to my work, mysterious and thought provoking.  Have you ever wondered, what happens in between photographs?  With a standard photograph being made of only 1/125th of a second, […]

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WILT:  The beautiful decay This project started off after noticing a wilting rose that we had in my home, I watched as the days went by how the beauty stayed with the rose as it changed form, even as it died.  I took the rose into my studio and called on a good friend and […]

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From our roots we grow strong A series of black & white images of native and international trees in the Adelaide botanic park & gardens,  Taken from project while studying at the centre for creative photography.

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Beach life

Landscape photography for me is about getting out into the amazing places we have in this world and opening my eyes.  I find most of my landscape style photography is made out on road trips and is not planned, seeing things as they come, or as we come to them.  I always try to make […]

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Just a few seconds

Just a few of seconds of your time I have a fascination with movement.. even if movement doesn’t always exist. As part of my experimentation with long exposure photography I have visited a few southern Adelaide beaches to play with 1-2 second exposures, to pull more of the story out of those few seconds. Although I […]

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Windswept In contradiction to my Lucid project, but still with my obsession of movement, the Windswept series evokes a feeling of stillness, even though the motions are quite the opposite…    This time I choose to take a very different photographic approach, in place of shooting the movement through long exposures, with this series I was aiming to freeze the motion and […]

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