Children, our children

The children of our world are strong, resilient and hopeful.  They smile and laugh even in the face of misfortune.  

2002 35mm film stills from travels bring it home to how lucky we are.  Im looking forward to shooting some new work and showing a new story towards this years Australian Refugee Association, exhibition ‘to tell another story’.

Everyone has a story behind them, stop and listen.

Afghanistan 35mm film black  and white war
2002 Children at local water source, Afghanistan
Afghanistan 35mm film black  and white war kids school tents
2002 children gather as patrol bring needed supplies to local school, Afghanistan
Afghanistan 35mm film black  and white war kids chase patrol laughing thanking gracious
2002 children chase patrol laughing and playing, Afghanistan

Australian Refugee Association portrait exhibition


Tonight sees the launch of the Australian Refugee Association (ARA) exhibition ‘To tell another story’. Along with 12 other mixed media artists I’ll be exhibiting a piece of portraiture work in the exhibition.

Jahromi and Banoo Iran by Artist James DeanARA’s third annual portrait exhibition is a collection of work that portrays images and stories of people from refugee backgrounds. It honours the thousands of refugees they walk alongside each year as they face the challenges and joys of building a new life in South Australia.

The exhibition encapsulates themes of multiculturalism, human rights, cultural diversity and anti-racism.

Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and the Australian Refugee Association

TIME: 5:30-7:30
PLACE: Kerry Packer Civic gallery