Dark and dreamy landscapes

Even after the time that has passed, I still find myself fascinated with these pictures and still find myself dragging the shutter on my camera and manipulating the scenes with my hands. A few seconds and some smooth gestures of the camera in hand, feeling the view in front of me and making it Lucid. After an evening surf session my new image at Southport steps has re-kindled a series. Im not saying regular photography doesn’t have a spark, far from it… but these images and the way that I photograph them always surprise and excite me, not always knowing exactly what will render on the sensor.

lee knowles photographer port noarlunga steps southport-2
Southport steps, we watch the ocean and let it drift our thoughts. Port Noarlunga
lee knowles photographer landscape lucid dream-3
Port Noarlunga Jetty. As time slips by, we fish
lee knowles photographer landscape lucid dream-1
The Sungod of Second Valley sleeps

Elder Park, Adelaide, August Fire Night 2015

So this weekend we spent the evening on Friday 14th in Elder Park, Adelaide.  A monthly gathering of fire artists meet and basically.. share some amazing skills!  The circle around the fire artists featured a warm glowing array of people and colours who were there to enjoy the evening.  The crowds of around 200 were all rugged up carrying smiles.  It was a great turn out!

Over the course of the evening, different artists took to the centre to play and show their skills which have obviously been fine tuned to such an awesome degree… But its all made to look so simple and thats the beauty!  Chatting briefly with Tim Goddard the dude behind the event, he was saying that there is a lot of practice that goes into the performance and of course much of it for beginners and more experience artist trying new techniques without fire too.

Safety is also key in an event like this and no issues what so ever happened and the whole event was trouble free with such an amazing vibe.  An awesome family friendly event

An array of cameras were present, with photographers also practicing their skills in long exposure photography.  Ive already seen some amazing light painting images with super effects that create beautiful pieces of art.  I was without a tripod as I wanted to capture some still photojournalistic images thats shows the mood of the evening in reality.  But here is a couple of links to some friends I was with who were shooting the awesome arty work. Check them out! 🙂

Stephen Reynolds:  https://www.facebook.com/stephen.reynolds.353/media_set?set=a.872414759513351.1073741874.100002345063168&type=3&pnref=story

Russell Mallory:  https://www.facebook.com/russell.mallory/media_set?set=a.10154144442934097.1073741864.644319096&type=3&pnref=story


What an amazing night finished of by us eating turkish delight, thanks to Tim and the other awesome Fire Artists for a warm  and colourful evening.  If you want to know more about when the next event is, get in touch with Tim via the events page.. See you there!


Here are a few photographs from my experience of the night, please enjoy…


girl juggling fire in park long exposure dude fire spinning in park at night orange glow dreads dreaded guy holding fire at night in elder park dude with beard looks into camera light fire baton Dreaded dude with beard swings fire at night fire spinning guy with dreads spins fire chains orange glow fire spinning at night guy with dreads and beard and crowd watching dude fire juggling looking away in the moment fire spinning portrait of dude with dreads fire baton being spun by guy with dreads looking at camera with fire spinning at night fire spinning dude with dreads at night in Elder park fire spinning dude with dreads at night in Elder park looking into flame fire spinning dude with dreads at night in Elder park blowing into fire fire spinning dude with dreads at night in Elder park juggling fire spinning dude with dreads at night in Elder park swinging fire fire spinning dude with dreads at night in Elder park fire spinning dude with dreads at night in Elder park juggling large fire baton fire spinning dude with dreads at night in Elder park back turned smoke fire spinning girl at night in Elder park fire spinning girl at night in Elder park


1976 Vee Dub Kombi under South Australian sky at night

So this weekend I was road tripping from Port Noarlunga to Port Lincoln and back. I had a handful of min shoots over there (which was awesome fun in itself). But while. Was driving over to my camp spot for the night, I looked out and saw an amazingly star filled sky, devoid of any light pollution, I could not resist to stop and make some photographs! So I pulled up in the nearest rest bay and made a couple of long exposure shots. When I say long exposure, I only went to 30 seconds, as I didn’t want to get an star movement for these pictures (I feel this is for another time). So I had t boost the ISO and with a fairly large aperture I got some great exposures. The moon was crescent and giving of a little light also. The last thing that was needed was just a kiss of artificial light during the exposure to bring out the Kombi a little more. Just a couple of seconds light painting with my iPhone was enough.

I was pleased with the finished image. No photoshop has been used on the picture as I was on the road at the time and simply transferred the pictures straight to my iPad and then out to the web from there.


While I’m sharing, check out this shot made on the same night, I couldn’t of planned it, but during the exposure a planet sized truck came screaming along the road passed me… Looks very ufo like I feel!

Get out there at night and make some photographs