Mothers day family portrait offer

Mothers Day special


I have a couple of spaces free over this coming weekend for family portraits. I’ll be on the midcoast shooting at the amazing beaches we have here, Get in touch to book a session



+ 1 hour shoot

+ 1 8×10 fine art rag print + 3 HI RES digi images

+ Private online proof gallery

Or ask me about


…Another perfect gift for Mum this year!

Mothers day family portrait offer
Mothers Day 2016 offer

Dark and dreamy landscapes

Even after the time that has passed, I still find myself fascinated with these pictures and still find myself dragging the shutter on my camera and manipulating the scenes with my hands. A few seconds and some smooth gestures of the camera in hand, feeling the view in front of me and making it Lucid. After an evening surf session my new image at Southport steps has re-kindled a series. Im not saying regular photography doesn’t have a spark, far from it… but these images and the way that I photograph them always surprise and excite me, not always knowing exactly what will render on the sensor.

lee knowles photographer port noarlunga steps southport-2
Southport steps, we watch the ocean and let it drift our thoughts. Port Noarlunga
lee knowles photographer landscape lucid dream-3
Port Noarlunga Jetty. As time slips by, we fish
lee knowles photographer landscape lucid dream-1
The Sungod of Second Valley sleeps

Mini shoots


A D E L A I D E  B O T A N I C  PARK Saturday 5th DEC

P O R T  N O A R L U N G A  J E T T Y Sunday 6th DEC

Hey everyone. Here are 2 awesome pre-Christmas mini shoots that Im running in December! On Saturday 5th December join me at the Adelaide Botanic park under the shade of the beautiful trees, a truly inspirational and creative location for your pictures! Or on SUNDAY 6th December, come down to Port Noarlunga beach with your loved ones we’ll make some beautiful beachie pictures to tell your story!

Why not bring a picnic and make a day of it too, a perfect excuse!

I have 10 shoots available from 2pm through until 6:30pm both days

Give me a call on 0401608853
Or message me at to book your shoot and time.

$60 includes shoot
+ 5 6×4 prints
and some digis for social media sharing

payment is required to secure booking

I can’t wait to see you all soon!

Adelaide family portrait mini shoots Port Noarlunga Jetty and Adelaide Botanic park promotion

Cutting through the noise

The perfect images or moving pictures are such a powerful tool in marketing, they command our attention and tell the story of us, our products and services all within a few seconds.
Though with so much of it out there what and how we do it needs to be special to cut through the noise.

….my aim is to cut through this noise and create a distinct and stand alone vibration for all of my clients!

Lee Knowles Photographer…The signature Photobox

lee knowles photographer signature photo box wooded box of photographs family portraits on port noarlunga beach

This hand crafted wooden box of photographs contains 15 6×4 prints and makes a beautiful start to collecting your memories and keeping them safe for generations to come. Also included in the box is a USB with quality, high resolution digital images from your shoot, all edited ready for you to make as many enlargements as you please. As a gift from me to you, there will be a gift card with 25% off your next booking with me. I know how memories are so important and I want to help bring your stories together as you grow.

With all of the beautiful locations Adelaide has to offer, you have the opportunity to capture your special stories forever.

Im dedicated to creating personal, creative portraits for you.

lee knowles photographer signature photo box wooded box of photographs family portraits on port noarlunga beach

For more details and to make a booking please see my products page here

Summer Portrait photography



Its nearly time for Adelaide summer to sweep you away.  So many stories to be part of and so many people to share them with.  Don’t let your memories slip away.

I want to help you catch those memories to keep forever and pass down.  I’ll work with you to naturally capture all of those amazing stories in an organic, personal and creative way.  Your stories are special and deserve to be treated in a special way and Im dedicated to that.


Adelaide… I will make personal, creative photography for you.

Spring and cute couples

So spring is just around the corner and we have some time for breathing again after a long wet and cold Adelaide winter.  I have a heap of things I want to do personally… and as a photographer.  First off, I plan on spending more time in the ocean, surfing more and once again living at the beach!

…But photography, oh wow, I have some plans for my work this summer!  Aside from my current project “The Kombi Sessions”, which is a photojournalistic portrait looking into the lives of South Australian VeeDub Kombi owners.  I want to take a little bit of focus on couples.  I photographs so many families and one thing I have learned from all of the amazing people I meet, is that very few of them (Mum and Dad) have had any really beautiful images together.  Everybody tells me “we’ve not had our picture taken since our wedding”  or for some, just the odd camera phone selfie.. which are great, but Im all about quality, making art and taking picture making to the next level.

This spring and summer, I want to bring all of you cute couples together in pictures, tell a little of your story.  As with many of my portraits, specially my outdoor location work,  I tend to lean towards a photojournalistic approach as I just love real life and unposed pictures, whats happening now really counts.

It’s pretty simple, just call me and we’ll shoot off somewhere amazing and make some photographs together and tell an intimate story that you can watch grow.

South Australia has some amazing beaches and parks with such beautiful vistas.  I caught up with these girls at the tail end of summer on one of Adelaide’s mid coast beaches.  Such a cute day!

cute girls on beach in bikinis smiling waves long hair beautiful blonde girl laying on beach long hair sand ocean stunning brunette girl walks out of ocean in bikini long hair sun cute couple sit on rock blonde and brunette bikini two girls arms up in joy happiness beach and ocean two girls ass touching bottoms cute long hair blonde brunette cute couple holding hands walking in ocean splashing waves long hair love sexy girls walking on beach together splashing sunset bikini topless bare breasts boobs

August Open Shutter Night

So, Next Open Shutter Night, creative networking session is this coming Monday 3rd August!

Where: The Port Noarlunga Arts Centre
Time: Shooting starts 7pm until 10pm
How much: $40 per photographer.

Im changing things a little this time and giving a go at pay on the night in place of pre-booking spaces. Payment is with cash or eftpos, whatever is easiest for you! Still, if you could let me know if you are coming, that would be awesome, just so I can prepare things!

So please let me introduce you to our feature models:
Both good friends of mine, and Im excited to have them along.

Chloe and Chrissi, they are both going to be awesome!

Chloe has modelled the Open Shutter in the past from my studio in Port Noarlunga and is an absolute star to shoot with, some of you will know her already. Ive worked with her heaps, with her being my muse for some time. Im surprised she didn’t get fed up of me calling her to test some random ideas! The work we made is some of my fave work…fact!

Chrissi will blow you away! First time I met Chrissi she was showing support for her cousin who I was shooting, her smile was great and I asked to make a picture… I managed to get one shot from her (1 frame fired) it was stunning so I had to get her in the studio after that…and did an amazing shoot with her in the Forge Port cool! and her voice is amazing also!
I hope you all had an awesome time last month and excited for this one. See you soon! Lee



1976 Vee Dub Kombi under South Australian sky at night

So this weekend I was road tripping from Port Noarlunga to Port Lincoln and back. I had a handful of min shoots over there (which was awesome fun in itself). But while. Was driving over to my camp spot for the night, I looked out and saw an amazingly star filled sky, devoid of any light pollution, I could not resist to stop and make some photographs! So I pulled up in the nearest rest bay and made a couple of long exposure shots. When I say long exposure, I only went to 30 seconds, as I didn’t want to get an star movement for these pictures (I feel this is for another time). So I had t boost the ISO and with a fairly large aperture I got some great exposures. The moon was crescent and giving of a little light also. The last thing that was needed was just a kiss of artificial light during the exposure to bring out the Kombi a little more. Just a couple of seconds light painting with my iPhone was enough.

I was pleased with the finished image. No photoshop has been used on the picture as I was on the road at the time and simply transferred the pictures straight to my iPad and then out to the web from there.


While I’m sharing, check out this shot made on the same night, I couldn’t of planned it, but during the exposure a planet sized truck came screaming along the road passed me… Looks very ufo like I feel!

Get out there at night and make some photographs