August Open Shutter Night

So, Next Open Shutter Night, creative networking session is this coming Monday 3rd August!

Where: The Port Noarlunga Arts Centre
Time: Shooting starts 7pm until 10pm
How much: $40 per photographer.

Im changing things a little this time and giving a go at pay on the night in place of pre-booking spaces. Payment is with cash or eftpos, whatever is easiest for you! Still, if you could let me know if you are coming, that would be awesome, just so I can prepare things!

So please let me introduce you to our feature models:
Both good friends of mine, and Im excited to have them along.

Chloe and Chrissi, they are both going to be awesome!

Chloe has modelled the Open Shutter in the past from my studio in Port Noarlunga and is an absolute star to shoot with, some of you will know her already. Ive worked with her heaps, with her being my muse for some time. Im surprised she didn’t get fed up of me calling her to test some random ideas! The work we made is some of my fave work…fact!

Chrissi will blow you away! First time I met Chrissi she was showing support for her cousin who I was shooting, her smile was great and I asked to make a picture… I managed to get one shot from her (1 frame fired) it was stunning so I had to get her in the studio after that…and did an amazing shoot with her in the Forge Port cool! and her voice is amazing also!
I hope you all had an awesome time last month and excited for this one. See you soon! Lee



Southern Sounds

What an amazing fun packed weekend it as!  Beautiful family portraits made and then the southern Sounds  gig for the Port Noarlunga Arts Centre FUN FUN FUN!