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Sell a lifestyle not a product, create your vision

“People don’t buy products anymore, they buy a lifestyle!”

If you really want to reach out and connect with your clients, you need to bring them closer let them feel why you do what you do and see your vision.

Taken from 2012 editorial shoot for Eternal Image Studios, hair studio, Henley Beach.

In todays consumer market, your clients need more than a safe shot to commit. Bring people closer to your brand, show them more of the story thats sits behind and help them to see your vision and connect to you. I aim to not only sell your product, but to sell your story behind it.  To book a full personal & business branding session, get in touch so we can start to create your vision!

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August Open Shutter Night

So, Next Open Shutter Night, creative networking session is this coming Monday 3rd August!

Where: The Port Noarlunga Arts Centre
Time: Shooting starts 7pm until 10pm
How much: $40 per photographer.

Im changing things a little this time and giving a go at pay on the night in place of pre-booking spaces. Payment is with cash or eftpos, whatever is easiest for you! Still, if you could let me know if you are coming, that would be awesome, just so I can prepare things!

So please let me introduce you to our feature models:
Both good friends of mine, and Im excited to have them along.

Chloe and Chrissi, they are both going to be awesome!

Chloe has modelled the Open Shutter in the past from my studio in Port Noarlunga and is an absolute star to shoot with, some of you will know her already. Ive worked with her heaps, with her being my muse for some time. Im surprised she didn’t get fed up of me calling her to test some random ideas! The work we made is some of my fave work…fact!

Chrissi will blow you away! First time I met Chrissi she was showing support for her cousin who I was shooting, her smile was great and I asked to make a picture… I managed to get one shot from her (1 frame fired) it was stunning so I had to get her in the studio after that…and did an amazing shoot with her in the Forge Port cool! and her voice is amazing also!
I hope you all had an awesome time last month and excited for this one. See you soon! Lee



Open Shutter Night: The Model – Elita


Hi everyone!

So why don’t we take a look at our first confirmed model for the Open Shutter Night

Elita is an Adelaide based model & promo girl. She’s also a co-owner of a tattoo studio.
She is also a Miss Inked 2015 Finalist!

I can’t wait to shoot with Elita, I know she’s going to be super creative in the studio and a pleasure to work with.

If you want to know a little more about Elita, check out her interview with Inked Magazine below, or her Facebook page

Im so pleased to be having Elita shoot with us at the Open Shutter Night and I’m looking forward to having a chat with her soon. Remember, its networking so bring your business cards and start planning further shoots! Port Noarlunga… Hold on tight!

Open Shutter Night: $40 per photographer
Date: Thursday 2nd July
Time: 7pm until 10pm
Location: Port Noarlunga Arts Centre


(images supplied credits to: Top image – Black Canvas Photographers Bottom image – Avalon City Imaging)

Open Shutter Night July 2nd 2015

clown dark blood horror long hair makeup death suit tie white face bleeding


So hey everyone!
Ive spoken to a few of you via email… but heres a heads up on July Open Shutter Night session.

Venue: Port Noarlunga Arts Centre, South Australia

Date: Thursday 2nd July

Time: 7pm-10pm (for photographers)
Bookings are on first come first served basis, I have to limit the session to a minimum of 10 photographers to run the session. I hope you understand.. one to cover cost and two, its all a part of the vibe and networking experience..
I have a model and makeup and hair stylist confirmed so looking for one more model for sure. Models start makeup at 5pm (models $20 each)
Shooting session begins at 7pm so photographers please feel free to come a little before to start the networking. Shooting goes through until 10pm so plenty of time to make some awesome pictures. (photographers $40 each)
Its not a workshop, its a creative working network to bounce thoughts and ideas around.. Learn from each other.  Of course, I will start the night with a setup, but I do encourage people to play and change things as we go, experimentation is the key to life and art!
Bring any camera equipment you need for the eve, Lighting is already provided and flash triggers (if you shoot Sony/Minolta, if you can, please bring a hotshot adapter for the trigger, as you may need this as my triggers are for Nikon and Canon… or give me a shout and I’ll see if I can help.  Plus I do have sync cables too)

I hope to confirm the session by next Sunday 21 June. If you want to book a space, please get in touch and I will forward payment details to you. Payment is confirmation of you space and is fully refundable if the session does not go ahead due to low numbers or other issues. However it is not refundable in the case of a forgotten or missed session
Any questions please email me at  or call 0401608853 and I’ll help.
keep an eye out in the group for updates!

Check out the Facebook group here!

I feel it’s an amazing opportunity if you are an Adelaide photographer! Cant wait to see and start creating with you!


What to wear??

Five helpful tips to get you thinking about what to wear for your photoshoot.

You know the moment you start emptying the wardrobe onto the bedroom floor because you feel like you do not have anything that looks flattering on camera? It’s an experience most people will have gone through. But don’t worry, there are clothes in there that will make you appear more photogenic (some will not). So here’s a few tip to make you feel better in photographs. I want you to feel comfortable when you come to me and this will help.


Everybody knows that horizontal stripes will make you look wider, and a little more stocky I’m fairly short so I avoid these some times, especially on camera it’s fact. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from stripes forever. It’s all about the angle, always from a sideways perspective, so the stripes don’t look as full on and wide as they would from straight on. To help reduce the weight of the horizontal lines, how about opting for a black striped outfit, using blacks natural slimming effect. As many cases busy background can help heaps to offset the stripes more so than a studio plain white, so if you see a quirky location with rustic brick wall or some natural foliage with beautiful flowers, let’s get creative.


Prints can stand out on camera with awesome effect. The majority of prints like plaid, animal and floral ensure that you create a strong presence in the pictures. As you can imagine, it does have flaws, print can often work best if the background is fairly simple, overly busy backgrounds if you are wearing an bold print, will create a dizzying impact. You may not be keen on full-body prints, but you could bring in just a touch of print by accessorising with a print scarf instead.

Which brings us to…


Sometimes if you dressed in minimal hues or in something simple you can almost blend into the background. Something as easy as adding a key accessory like a hat, such as a wide brim hat, a floppy hat or a beanie. They command attention and will bring focus in to you, making it the perfect accessory to set off a previously bare outfit. Hats may not be your thing, so why not try adding a chunky piece of jewellery instead, like a pair of gorgeous sunnies or a cuff.


This tip is specially for winter, as it’s pretty much here now. This is when it becomes necessary to add a few more layers to your outfit to escape the cold, more so if we’re shooting outdoors and there’s nothing wrong with an outdoor location shoot in winter, it’s still beautiful out there. Structured jackets such as boxy vests, fitted trench coats, and sharp blazers, help reduce the weight of thick winter layering you may be wearing, like knits or thermal wear. A fitted jacket ensures that the outline of your figure is shown perfectly. b
Big baggy or ill-fitted coats can look messy on camera.

Maxi dresses

Bodycon dresses may look great in real life, but photographically, they often result in their wearers looking like they’re being suffocated by a dress a size too small. The flowing material of a maxi dress is very flattering on camera, on location will specially stand out if a breeze is present. (Hey we can turn a fan on if in the studio) one problem that can be found (for loose maxi dresses) but cured is shapelessness, to avoid this, cinch in the waist with a belt both wide statement belts and skinny belts look amazing.

Well I hope there were a couple of thing there to help and as you can see, you don’t have to come to your shoot all dressed in white shirts and blue jeans (like many photographers will tell you). Be a little out there and empty your wardrobe onto the floor, you have it in there!

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The Meeting

A short moving picture…