Is an iPhone a real camera?

Is an iPhone a real camera?
I know some photographers who will frown at you and the idea of using a mobile phone to make pictures, but lets face it, they do a pretty good job and fun! Ok, so it takes skill, a keen eye to see a picture and vision for design and creativity, lets not forget to mention playfulness!  All of these far more important than the tool

So far this summer I’ve been doing so much more photography without my professional cameras, just choosing to take out my phone on beach or city walks and using this to capture life around me. Knowing your equipment is one thing and having the greatest new technology will help, but more importantly knowing how to see will change you’re photography up to the next level by simplifying your approach.  
A camera is a tool and who is behind the tool will always always have the most defining effect to the picture!
It has been said so many times, the best camera you have is the one that is with you! Simply because the creativity and skill that makes a picture great is within the photographer!
Here’s a couple of iphone pictures I’ve made on my last walks.  It’s fun to play basics.
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The Meeting

A short moving picture…