The Kombi Sessions. No.1. Meg


Introducing the first in the series towards my new project, The Kombi Sessions.

So as many of you know, I ride in a 1976 VW Kombi, it’s the only way to travel… at least the only way that suits my lifestyle anyhow.  I’ve had my Kombi for 3 and a half years now, something I’d dreamed of for many years leading to today.   It’s perfect for me, it’s not a show van… its simply how I live my life.  Everything I ever need can come with me, my 9ft longboard, my camera…there’s probably more stuff, but those are the key things.

Well anyways, a few months ago I had the thoughts to start a new project and have just started putting it into progress.  The Kombi Sessions.  A series of photojournalistic portraits of South Australian Kombi riders.  For now, it will be a blog series, but I would love to turn the project into an exhibition down the road,  (potentially The Shimmer benial next year).   If you ride in a VW Kombi and would like to get involved, please tell me.

The Kombi Sessions. No.1.  Meg

Meg and Chip

Kombi:  Jerry Sunshine Swell
A 1976 T2 Kombi

Colourful 1976 VW Kombi in woods surrounded by trees blue red and orange

I caught up with Meg at Morialta, South Australia, it was a beautiful late winter afternoon. We even had a little sun! Here are some of the questions I asked her

Lee:  Hi Meg, it’s so cool to see you and meet properly (we met on the road having a conversation through windows in slow moving traffic.  I was just coming back into Adelaide from a photographic road trip to Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula).  Thanks for coming!

Meg:  Hey, yea, wow it’s so beautiful up here, the weathers amazing… This is Chip, he’s excited! (Pup)

pretty girl wearing pink jumper and headband with 1976 VW Kombi in woods

Lee:  Yea, Morialta is such a lovely spot.  So, do you have a name for the Kombi?  Male or female?  Mines kinda both, depending on its mood, ha.

Meg:  Yea haha well actually mines both too.  Jerry the gender confused kombi, she actually has three names. Jerry Sunshine Swell (from my niece)

pretty girl sitting on VW Kombi in woods sun flare

Lee:  How long have you had her?

Meg:  Around 2 and half years, she’s my second Kombi.

Lee:  Nice!  I’ve had mine 3 and half, pretty much soon as I arrived into Australia 4 years ago.   Are you from South Australia originally?

Meg:  Yea I was born in Adelaide, its lovely, the hidden gem of Australia!

beautiful woman with vw kombi in brown jacket

Lee: So you have a small business don’t you?  I saw your page, you sell clothes and other cool things right, from the Kombi?  That must work nicely.

Meg:  Yea, she draws lots of attention.

Lee:  Do you do the Adelaide markets?

Meg:  Sometimes, but I try not to do too many as I prefer to just pull up to a beautiful little, set up and sell from there, like beaches and parks.

Lee:  Nice! must be cool in the summer?

Meg: Yea, gets busy…  I’m actually starting to run low on stock now from my last trip to India and I’ve been on the road in Australia for a while.  I’m doing lots of travel within Australia now, as I have Chip, he comes everywhere.

Lee:  Nice, he’s awesome, super excited!

Meg:  He’s having so much fun out here.

Girl sitting in colourful kombi sliding door brown jacket

Lee:  Tell me a bit about the artwork, it looks great.

Meg:  My friend Gem did it, she’s amazing!  It was her first one, she had never worked with spray before, so a nice challenge, she did amazing.

Lee:  It’s very cool!

Meg:  Yea, I’d like her to do more soon hopefully, I’d like something here, this red part, I feel it needs something there, maybe some birds.

Lee:  Do you like dragons?

Meg: Na not dragons, unless it’s the luck dragon from the never-ending story!

Lee:  haha, yea awesome,  that would work!

Meg:  I’d like the roof done next, theres nothing there at the moment.

Lee:  Yea, so it looks like it was originally a similar colour as mine?

Meg:  A little lighter, more yellow, yours is more olive

Lee:  Yea, nice!

Meg:  Hey can I quickly change out of this jumper… I never wear pink!

Lee:  Well you do today, it looks good! haha a yea sure…

Lee:  One last thing for now..  in a few words, your next road trip?

Meg:  North! Sunshine and waves 😀



I had a few more questions for Meg, but I’ll save those for the exhibition pieces (and book).  If you’d like to be involved in the Kombi Sessions, please give me a shout to  I can’t wait to hang out!

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Heres more of Meg, Chip and Jerry Sunshine Swell

Girl wearing brown jacket pink jump sitting on  colourful vw kombi with big smile

Meg sitting in the back of a 1976 vw kombi in woods long hair

smiling girl sitting in vw kombi with puppy

colourful kombi profile with girl and dog smiling

portrait of smiling girls with bright coloured kombi in background

pretty smile girl with 1976 kombi yellow t-shirt

cute girl close up smile dark hair bun yellow t-shirt kombi

collie dog puppy sitting in vw kombi drivers seat looking through window

collie puppy sitting on green grass in wood

cute girl standing looking at coloured kombi in park

girl sitting in big tree bunette

cute border collie pup in woods

girl meditating in tree dark long hair

girl meditating in big tree at morialta south asutralia kombi in background

girl crouching playing stick with collie dog puppy

girl and her collie puppy under big tree at morialta kombi in foreground

pretty girl long dark hair brown coat look through vw kombi window

The Meeting

A short moving picture…