A D E L A I D E   B O T A N I C  P A R K  Monday 18th JAN

P O R T  W I L L U N G A   Saturday 23rd JAN

B R I G H T O N   B E A C H  Sunday 24th JAN

Hey everyone. Here are 3 awesome New year mini shoots that Im running in January! On Monday 18th join me at the Adelaide Botanic park under the shade of the beautiful trees, a truly inspirational and creative location for your pictures!

Or, Saturday 23rd, come down to Port Willunga beach with your loved ones we’ll make some beautiful beachie pictures at this iconic setting to tell your story!

Or how about Sunday 24th at Brighton beach?  Lets have some fun around and under the Jetty and make some exciting pictures!

Why not bring a picnic and make a day of it too, it a perfect excuse!

I have 10 shoots available from 2pm through until 6:30pm both days

Give me a call on 0401608853
Or message me at info@leeknowlesphotographer.com to book your shoot and time.

$100 includes the shoot
+ 5 6×4 prints
and 5 digi images

payment is required to secure booking

I can’t wait to see you all soon!


Family portrait photography session at Port Willing, Adelaide botanic park or  Brighton beach

Forte, in concert at The Singing Gallery, McLaren Vale

So, moving pictures… aka Movies, Film or Video.

I dont shoot heaps of them, stills are my thing, but I do enjoy shooting them. I recently hooked up with local Adelaide singer songwriter, Forte, for a commission to shoot and produce some work for a short moving picture to promote his new Album, “Conduit” which launches on Friday 13th November at The Church of the Trinity Goodwood road, Adelaide

Go support a local artist and help build a bright future.

The footage for the promo was recorded at the lovely “Singing Gallery” in McLaren Vale, South Australia. The subdued and 100% beautiful lighting of the venue set the tone for a great gig, candle lights all around.

Check out some of the photographs made on the night.










Photography and production ©2015 Lee Knowles Photographer


Promo commission for upcoming new album “Conduit” by Adelaide singer songwriter, Forte

Live in Concert
The Singing Gallery
McLaren Vale, Adelaide

March 2015

All original music ©2015 Forte

Get your tickets for the launch right here right now…



Forte: Guitar & Vocals
Rachel Bruerville: Cello
Gillian Murray: Bodhran & Vocals
Theo Vandersman: Double Bass
Burke Stacy: Didgeridoo & Percussion

As part of the promo campaign with Forte, we also photographed some amazing publicity work and at the top of the bill, the Album artwork for “Conduit” We had an amazing day shooting, covering the whole of Adelaide. We started by shooting the amazing vista looking out at Gulls rock on the corner of Maslins beach and Port Willunga beach. Then with the kind permission of the owners of the Fleurieu Pantry in Port Noarlunga and a little furniture re-arranging, we made some awesome location images that more than suited our theme (and had some great coffee and Chai tea.) after a few studio shots in my port Noarlunga studio we then headed to Bowden and Adelaide CBD to make some key images for the promo, shooting among the painted street art and graffiti!
What an amazing photoshoot!

Take a look at the finished results as you’ll find them being used by Forte right now, I think you will agree, looks pretty amazing and captures this larger than life local artist perfectly.





Mini shoots


A D E L A I D E  B O T A N I C  PARK Saturday 5th DEC

P O R T  N O A R L U N G A  J E T T Y Sunday 6th DEC

Hey everyone. Here are 2 awesome pre-Christmas mini shoots that Im running in December! On Saturday 5th December join me at the Adelaide Botanic park under the shade of the beautiful trees, a truly inspirational and creative location for your pictures! Or on SUNDAY 6th December, come down to Port Noarlunga beach with your loved ones we’ll make some beautiful beachie pictures to tell your story!

Why not bring a picnic and make a day of it too, a perfect excuse!

I have 10 shoots available from 2pm through until 6:30pm both days

Give me a call on 0401608853
Or message me at info@leeknowlesphotographer.com to book your shoot and time.

$60 includes shoot
+ 5 6×4 prints
and some digis for social media sharing

payment is required to secure booking

I can’t wait to see you all soon!

Adelaide family portrait mini shoots Port Noarlunga Jetty and Adelaide Botanic park promotion

Cutting through the noise

The perfect images or moving pictures are such a powerful tool in marketing, they command our attention and tell the story of us, our products and services all within a few seconds.
Though with so much of it out there what and how we do it needs to be special to cut through the noise.

….my aim is to cut through this noise and create a distinct and stand alone vibration for all of my clients!

The Kombi Sessions. No.1. Meg


Introducing the first in the series towards my new project, The Kombi Sessions.

So as many of you know, I ride in a 1976 VW Kombi, it’s the only way to travel… at least the only way that suits my lifestyle anyhow.  I’ve had my Kombi for 3 and a half years now, something I’d dreamed of for many years leading to today.   It’s perfect for me, it’s not a show van… its simply how I live my life.  Everything I ever need can come with me, my 9ft longboard, my camera…there’s probably more stuff, but those are the key things.

Well anyways, a few months ago I had the thoughts to start a new project and have just started putting it into progress.  The Kombi Sessions.  A series of photojournalistic portraits of South Australian Kombi riders.  For now, it will be a blog series, but I would love to turn the project into an exhibition down the road,  (potentially The Shimmer benial next year).   If you ride in a VW Kombi and would like to get involved, please tell me.

The Kombi Sessions. No.1.  Meg

Meg and Chip

Kombi:  Jerry Sunshine Swell
A 1976 T2 Kombi

Colourful 1976 VW Kombi in woods surrounded by trees blue red and orange

I caught up with Meg at Morialta, South Australia, it was a beautiful late winter afternoon. We even had a little sun! Here are some of the questions I asked her

Lee:  Hi Meg, it’s so cool to see you and meet properly (we met on the road having a conversation through windows in slow moving traffic.  I was just coming back into Adelaide from a photographic road trip to Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula).  Thanks for coming!

Meg:  Hey, yea, wow it’s so beautiful up here, the weathers amazing… This is Chip, he’s excited! (Pup)

pretty girl wearing pink jumper and headband with 1976 VW Kombi in woods

Lee:  Yea, Morialta is such a lovely spot.  So, do you have a name for the Kombi?  Male or female?  Mines kinda both, depending on its mood, ha.

Meg:  Yea haha well actually mines both too.  Jerry the gender confused kombi, she actually has three names. Jerry Sunshine Swell (from my niece)

pretty girl sitting on VW Kombi in woods sun flare

Lee:  How long have you had her?

Meg:  Around 2 and half years, she’s my second Kombi.

Lee:  Nice!  I’ve had mine 3 and half, pretty much soon as I arrived into Australia 4 years ago.   Are you from South Australia originally?

Meg:  Yea I was born in Adelaide, its lovely, the hidden gem of Australia!

beautiful woman with vw kombi in brown jacket

Lee: So you have a small business don’t you?  I saw your page, you sell clothes and other cool things right, from the Kombi?  That must work nicely.

Meg:  Yea, she draws lots of attention.

Lee:  Do you do the Adelaide markets?

Meg:  Sometimes, but I try not to do too many as I prefer to just pull up to a beautiful little, set up and sell from there, like beaches and parks.

Lee:  Nice! must be cool in the summer?

Meg: Yea, gets busy…  I’m actually starting to run low on stock now from my last trip to India and I’ve been on the road in Australia for a while.  I’m doing lots of travel within Australia now, as I have Chip, he comes everywhere.

Lee:  Nice, he’s awesome, super excited!

Meg:  He’s having so much fun out here.


Girl sitting in colourful kombi sliding door brown jacket

Lee:  Tell me a bit about the artwork, it looks great.

Meg:  My friend Gem did it, she’s amazing!  It was her first one, she had never worked with spray before, so a nice challenge, she did amazing.


Lee:  It’s very cool!

Meg:  Yea, I’d like her to do more soon hopefully, I’d like something here, this red part, I feel it needs something there, maybe some birds.

Lee:  Do you like dragons?

Meg: Na not dragons, unless it’s the luck dragon from the never-ending story!

Lee:  haha, yea awesome,  that would work!

Meg:  I’d like the roof done next, theres nothing there at the moment.

Lee:  Yea, so it looks like it was originally a similar colour as mine?

Meg:  A little lighter, more yellow, yours is more olive

Lee:  Yea, nice!

Meg:  Hey can I quickly change out of this jumper… I never wear pink!

Lee:  Well you do today, it looks good! haha a yea sure…

Lee:  One last thing for now..  in a few words, your next road trip?

Meg:  North! Sunshine and waves 😀



I had a few more questions for Meg, but I’ll save those for the exhibition pieces (and book).  If you’d like to be involved in the Kombi Sessions, please give me a shout to info@leeknowlesphotographer.com  I can’t wait to hang out!

Keep in touch on social media and like the Facebook page here


Heres more of Meg, Chip and Jerry Sunshine Swell

Girl wearing brown jacket pink jump sitting on  colourful vw kombi with big smile

Meg sitting in the back of a 1976 vw kombi in woods long hair

smiling girl sitting in vw kombi with puppy

colourful kombi profile with girl and dog smiling

portrait of smiling girls with bright coloured kombi in background

pretty smile girl with 1976 kombi yellow t-shirt

cute girl close up smile dark hair bun yellow t-shirt kombi

collie dog puppy sitting in vw kombi drivers seat looking through window

collie puppy sitting on green grass in wood

cute girl standing looking at coloured kombi in park

girl sitting in big tree bunette

cute border collie pup in woods

girl meditating in tree dark long hair

girl meditating in big tree at morialta south asutralia kombi in background

girl crouching playing stick with collie dog puppy

girl and her collie puppy under big tree at morialta kombi in foreground

pretty girl long dark hair brown coat look through vw kombi window

Creative People Mindset


Port Noarlunga beach, golden sand ocean photographer

Something a little different in my blog today.  Taken from an article I read, I feel it rings true in many ways… So heres a little insight into how people with a creative mindset may work..

They work when the work comes to them…meaning that they only paint, draw, write, sew, dance, or write out business plans when they feel like it. Creative people know the mind performs best in small bursts of concentrated work.

They probably don’t have a “normal” job. The creative spirit feels dampened by a job in which it doesn’t get to roam free and do as it pleases. Many creative types turn to entrepreneurship to make money, because it fulfills their soul while still allowing them to get paid.

They see inspiration in everything. Creative spirits become inspired by anything and everything, from an unusual pattern on a leaf to the bright lights of a city at night. They see the world as their oyster, and have a knack for finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

They never stop questioning. The creative mind always wonders and always wanders; creative people have highly active imaginations, and ponder the big AND small questions in life. They want to know it all.

They aren’t afraid to fail. They don’t even see failure as a bad thing, because they know that the only way to grow in life is by putting yourself out there and making mistakes.

They are very independent people. They don’t like being told what to do or when to do things. They work best alone and feel totally confident walking their own path in life.

They are risk-takers. Creative people don’t just love doing new things, they actually seek out dangerous or uncomfortable opportunities because this makes them feel alive. It unlocks new doors of creativity, and might even give them insight into previously undiscovered talents.

They use their pain to fuel their passion. Creative people have likely been through very hellish and traumatic experiences, but these experiences give life to their work. They feel inspired by what they learned from their setbacks, and transmute the negative energy from the pain into something positive.

They practice self-development. Imaginative people know that a foggy, unproductive, negative brain will block their creativity and not allow them to express themselves fully.

They read self-help books, practice mindfulness, meditate, do yoga, and say positive affirmations. They know that a positive attitude is the cornerstone of achieving a high level of creative success.

They daydream. Creative people let their minds wander, and don’t ask any questions until later. They simply enjoy traveling to new lands and thinking up new concepts through their imaginations, and know that daydreaming can lead to the most profound, unparalleled ideas.

They enjoy spending time alone. Most creative people are seen as loners or misfits, and never really fit in to any stereotype or clique. While this may not always be the case, creative people usually feel most comfortable in solitude because they do their best work in their own company.

They aren’t afraid of being different. They know they’re different, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They own their uniqueness, and feel honored to show it off.

They only want friends who uplift and inspire them. They don’t want to be around people who don’t have big dreams and visions – they seek out friendships with people who they can bounce ideas off of and who truly understand their soul.

They often act before they think. Despite the stereotype of creative people, most of them actually take huge leaps of faith without going through all the scenarios in their minds first. Why? Because they know that they must live it, not just think it, in order to reach their goals.

They do things most people aren’t willing to do. They don’t give up easily, they put themselves out there, they fail over and over again but see it as growth, and they put in hard work even when they’re tired. Creative people are troopers; they have a strong will and don’t let anything stand in their way.

They have a “yes” mentality. They say yes to life, because they know this will create more opportunities for them. They do things even when they’re scared or unsure – they realize that momentum coupled with a positive attitude create the perfect mixture for exciting things to happen.

They have a strong work ethic. They might work fifteen or more hours a day, depending on how they feel. They know that dreams don’t work unless they do.

They are complex people. They might feel that no one understands them, but they don’t care. They have an intricate web of personality traits and deep emotions, but they feel proud to have so many layers. They think this makes them a more interesting person!

They get bored with the same old routine. They thrive off of new experiences, and actually cringe and feel caged in by doing the same things at the same time, day in and day out.

They move around a lot. They don’t like staying in the same place too long, because their creative energy thrives off of new places, faces, and activities.

They are highly emotional, intuitive people. Most creative people identify with being an empath, or highly sensitive person. They feel things very deeply, and let out their emotions through their creative work.

They may have a hard time falling asleep. Because of their active brains, they might stay up into the early morning hours some nights, either working or just thinking.

They take care of themselves. They realize their creative energy can’t move through them if they don’t keep their mind, body, and soul healthy. They likely care about their diet, exercise often, and meditate daily.

Life means nothing to them if they don’t follow their heart. They don’t relate to people who see everything as a means to an end. To them, their passion is both the means AND the end.

They live life on the edge. They know that they must always feel excited and challenged in life in order to live to the fullest. They want to live a life that is anything but ordinary.


Taken from  Power of Positivity

Lee Knowles Photographer green swirl log on grey cracked wall LKFOTO


Im so excited about my new direction. The ability to be able to offer you a whole years worth of photography for the same as, if not less than one shoot with the larger fast food photo companies.
..and the awesome thing is, I get to create with you for a whole year, to get to know you, helping me make sure your pictures are as personal and meaningful as I possibly can… and for this alone, I thank you in advance (you know I love what I do)



Open Shutter Night July 2nd 2015

clown dark blood horror long hair makeup death suit tie white face bleeding


So hey everyone!
Ive spoken to a few of you via email… but heres a heads up on July Open Shutter Night session.

Venue: Port Noarlunga Arts Centre, South Australia

Date: Thursday 2nd July

Time: 7pm-10pm (for photographers)
Bookings are on first come first served basis, I have to limit the session to a minimum of 10 photographers to run the session. I hope you understand.. one to cover cost and two, its all a part of the vibe and networking experience..
I have a model and makeup and hair stylist confirmed so looking for one more model for sure. Models start makeup at 5pm (models $20 each)
Shooting session begins at 7pm so photographers please feel free to come a little before to start the networking. Shooting goes through until 10pm so plenty of time to make some awesome pictures. (photographers $40 each)
Its not a workshop, its a creative working network to bounce thoughts and ideas around.. Learn from each other.  Of course, I will start the night with a setup, but I do encourage people to play and change things as we go, experimentation is the key to life and art!
Bring any camera equipment you need for the eve, Lighting is already provided and flash triggers (if you shoot Sony/Minolta, if you can, please bring a hotshot adapter for the trigger, as you may need this as my triggers are for Nikon and Canon… or give me a shout and I’ll see if I can help.  Plus I do have sync cables too)

I hope to confirm the session by next Sunday 21 June. If you want to book a space, please get in touch and I will forward payment details to you. Payment is confirmation of you space and is fully refundable if the session does not go ahead due to low numbers or other issues. However it is not refundable in the case of a forgotten or missed session
Any questions please email me at openshutternight@lkfoto.com.au  or call 0401608853 and I’ll help.
keep an eye out in the group for updates!

Check out the Facebook group here!

I feel it’s an amazing opportunity if you are an Adelaide photographer! Cant wait to see and start creating with you!


Your Photographer (just for fun)

Name: Lee Knowles
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Nationality: British
Sports: Surfing/Snowboarding
Music: Blues, Prog Rock
Vehicle of choice: 1976 VW Kombi
Hobbies: Photography
Fave place: Where earth meets water (the beach)
Fave camera: 1978 Nikon FM (film)
Fave Movie: Blowup
Fave Photographers: Joel Meyerowitz, Richard Avedon, Saul Leiter, Annie Leibovitz
Reason for living: Love, Laugh, Learn and Experience
Why passionate for photography: I love people watching, the interaction between them and everything that is going on around them. We are beautiful creatures with amazing stories and to record just one slice of a moment in time and preserve it for generations ahead to learn from. The camera gives me this opportunity.

Lee Knowles Photographer portrait adelaide beach sand sea surf port noarlunga

Personal Branding Headshots

Why a professional headshot?

A carefully chosen personal profile image is a key part of publicly representing yourself, your brand and your business. As humans we are visual, the first thing someone will see is your image, it’s your chance to make a great first impression. You owe it to yourself and your career or business, you work hard on everything else right?  Like all first impressions, your headshot should instantly give a feel for who you are and what you represent, its a little bit like a handshake.  It needs to look and feel like you, genuine, and more relaxed headshots are the way forward. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Relax and show your personality.

Your business and personal brand promotion is not the place for a selfie or a party candid,  if you want to be perceived as professional, you should look professional, no matter how great you think you look, any headshot that has other people’s body parts cropped out around your head will bring you down.  Yes, selfie’s are fun.. and fine for memories and friends, but a quality headshot really should be used in your personal branding.

Lighting is important.  If you use natural light, never shoot at midday…its a strong source and creates harsh shadows. If you’re indoors, window light can be amazing, try a combination of natural and artificial light, it often works very well.

Try losing the suit and wear something that promotes what you do and your style.

Framing plays a big part in the image, make sure horizons are straight, move the clutter and anything in the background, distractions like this can be overwhelming and take focus away from you.  Keep it clean and simple.

Work with a few angles, we do have good and bad sides and angles,once you have taken a few look through and make sure that you have chosen the best angle.

Clothing is very important and depending on what you do will make a big impact on results!  Wearing anything with words, may just confuse the image and again take that focus from you.  You might want to steer clear of complicated patterns, stay with solid block colour or subtle patterns. 

Regular updates are important, once every 8 months to a year is a good rule of thumb. Any changes in your personal branding that you make or a career change may also create a need for an update too.

A professional photographer with an eye for detail and quality, both in studio or on location will provide a professional photo session and high quality edited images.  For anyone taking his or her career seriously or that may be self-employed, this is a very small financial investment to be able to have a professional headshot that can be used for personal branding.

It’s up to you on how to proceed and whether or not it is time to update your headshot. Maybe you already have an awesome set of personal branding images, thats great news!  but maybe a friend or colleague may not have?  Make a difference for someone else and please share this article.

Lee Knowles Photographer.  LKFOTO


A Port Noarlunga Photographer making quality professional portraits South Australia wide